Things that I like:

Big cold stone living rooms in Rome. Theatre. Heavy tangible fog. Long walks if I'm not too tired. Sighing. Slow rainfall against the windowpane. The sacred and dim scent of the church. Wild garden. Hedgehogs scuttling across the road. Long heavy coats. The smell of turpentine. Slight nuances. New streets in a long-known city. Thinking about my grandmother in her garden. Writing, when words strike. A few more things come to mind: lemongrass tea, freshly sharpend pencils, arcs.

The glow of the laterns through heavy snowfall. Melancholic notes of cello. Gratitude. When after a long winter the air once agin has a scent. Days that flow by. To read for hours at a time. Unexpected jokes. The salty air of the ocean. The cold colonnades on a hot day. Grand ferns and nettles. Grainy photographs. Axonometric drawings. The thighs of short-haired dogs. Stroking a buzzcut.